10 Most Popular Egyptian Dishes

10 Most Popular Egyptian Dishes


10 Most Popular Egyptian Dishes

Egyptian cuisine is very rich. and if you don’t try at least a couple of these dishes, you are missing out! Here is a list of ten of the most popular Egyptian Dishes.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes: Foul Beans

On the top of the list of the most popular Egyptian dishes is obviously beans. Egyptians have beans for breakfast almost every day. It’s food for the poor and the rich. Beans can be mixed with tomato sauce, hot spicy oil, boiled eggs, or vegetables. They can be served in bowls or in Egyptian bread. No matter which way it is served or what additions are made, this food is the Egyptians’ true love of all time.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes : Falafel

Though a good friend of beans, falafel is not quite as popular. It is served with beans, fries, fried eggplant, and pickles. Falafel is the classic royal Egyptian breakfast that should keep you satisfied for hours!


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes : Liver

“Alexandrian liver” is the buffalo/cow liver cut into small slices and mixed with green spicy peppers and spices. The heavenly smell of liver carts all over Egypt attract thousands daily for a quick breakfast, lunch, or brunch.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes : Koshary

Koshary is a crazy mix of macaroni, rice, lentil, fried onions, and tomato sauce. It is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes koshary is a very famous Egyptian food for students, workers, employees, and even for family hangout time


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes: Stuffed Intestines

When it comes to “mombar,” or stuffed intestines, we never judge it for what it was doing before we met it on a plate. The spicy crunchy feeling along with the strong taste of the rice stuffing is simply irresistible. Once you taste it, you will be a real advocate of this food!


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes :Stuffed Vegetables

Anything stuffed with spicy rice and tomato sauce is an addiction for an Egyptian. We stuff vegetables: eggplant, green peppers, zucchini, and leaves of grape and cabbage. Stuffed vegetables are really time consuming and not easy to cook, but all Egyptian families consider it a main dish at most all banquets, special occasions, the first day of Ramadan, weddings, and lunch/dinner parties.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes :Molokhia

Molokhia is a famous and heavenly green soup made of the leaves of Corchorus chopped very small and mixed with garlic and beef or chicken soup. For Egyptians, molokhia can go with almost any food – stuffed vegetables, white rice, meat, or chicken – basically anything.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes :Hawawshi

Hawawshi is a meat minced and spiced with onions, pepper, parsley, and sometimes hot peppers or chilies. This is all stuffed in flat Egyptian bread and then baked in the oven, producing a crunchy loaf of rich meat. After eating it, you will be left satiated for hours!


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes :Kaware - “Shin of Beef” Soup

Shin of beef is taken from the lower leg of a steer. In Egypt, it is boiled, and the soup made with it is very popular among men for a stronger virility. However, this food is not particularly popular among the higher classes of Egyptian society, nor is it desirable to most women because of its strong taste and greasy texture.


Most Popular Egyptian Dishes: Shawarma

Last, but not least, is shawarma. Shawarma is known in many world cuisines, but in Egypt, it is very popular especially with teenage girls and working women. It’s the fastest lunch option to grab when in college or on work lunch breaks.


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